Fat Dissolving Injections

What are fat dissolving injections?


Fat dissolving injections also known as lipolysis, are a suitable alternative for those who want to address stubborn pockets of fat but are unwilling to undergo invasive surgery such as liposuction. 


Despite good diet and exercise, some localised pockets of fat can be difficult to remove.


The fat dissolving agent is known as deoxycholic acid which is naturally found in the body.  The brand I use is Pluryal, very similar to Aqualyx, but differs due to the addition of soothing botanicals for your comfort.  Lipolysis can be particularly successful when used to treat fat below the chin, know as sub mental fat.  This can improve and refine your jawline and profile.


When deoxycholic acid is injected into the layer of fat it disrupts the fat cells and causing them to dissolve permanently.  They are then released by your lymphatic system, the body then deals with them naturally.


Your experience is my priority, and this treatment is combined with topical and local anaesthesia for maximum comfort during your treatment.


What can I expect during fat dissolving?


Fat dissolving injections take around 30 minutes and are repeated every four weeks for a maximum of three sessions.  


Following the procedure you may expect numbness, redness, firmness and bruising that resolves over four to six weeks.


Results are not immediate, you can typically expect to see results around eight weeks after your first treatment.  No maintenance treatments are required.  It is important to continue to follow good diet and exercise to maintain your results.


Where can fat dissolving be used?


Fat dissolving can be used under the chin and in body areas including the back, abdomen, arms and thighs.



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