PDO thread lift

PDO thread lift

PDO Thread Lift Belfast

PDO thread lift


PDO threads lifts are quite new to the non surgical aesthetics field. I have been placing PDO threads in Belfast, Hillsborough and beyond for a few years now.  They are a game changer!


PDO threads are made of a dissolving suture type material. They are brilliant for lifting, tightening sagging skin and for giving a rejuvenating appearance, while giving a natural result.



PDO threads are used to lift the brow.  They can lift the mid face softening the nose to mouth folds and improving the cheek contour.  In the lower face they can improve the marionette and lift the jowl area improving the jaw line.



They work by mechanically lifting the tissue to a more lifted position.  They stimulate your own natural collagen production, to improve skin elasticity, texture, fine lines and volume for lasting rejuvenation.



The treatment itself is relatively quick, a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected for comfort.  The threads are inserted under the skin via cannula and are pulled to produce an immediate lifting effect.  You can resume normal activities like any other non surgical procedure, but you should consider your timing around important social events.


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