Thinning Hair

Are you concerned with thinning hair?


Hair loss can cause a real drop in self-confidence and it is a truly wide-spread condition that can affect people of all genders.


There are multiple causes for thinning hair which require a holistic approach including blood tests by your family doctor to rule out underlying deficiencies or medical problems that could impact your condition.


Hair loss can occur after pregnancy, with age the hairline will thin, and female and male pattern baldness is particularly common. By the age of 35, over 60% of men have begun experiencing some degree of hair loss.


Traditionally oral, topical medication or a hair transplant would be a considered. But as technology is evolving there are other options such as platelet rich plasma. These treatments can even be combined to give better outcomes.



I have been helping men and women with hair thinning for five years now.  Female and Male pattern baldness treatments was the subject of my thesis when I undertook my Masters Degree in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University London. 


This treatment is suitable for those experiencing hair loss and recovering from a hair transplant. 


For more information on PRP for hair loss.



Hair loss is not as simple as it may seem.  My approach is personalised to you.  Your type of hair loss and other treatments you are having may have an impact on your outcome.



During your consultation we can chat about your hair loss concerns and discuss treatments that may be appropriate.






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