Anti Wrinkle Treatments

What are Anti wrinkle treatments?


Anti wrinkle treatments are an injectable treatment using botulinum toxin aka ‘Botox’ to soften wrinkles and fine lines.  This is one of the most popular treatments I perform at my clinic.  I have over 12 years experience delivering this treatment to men and women who want a fresh, relaxed appearance.  This is the treatment no-one will notice but everyone will know you look amazing.


Over time, the movement of our faces causes our skin to loose elasticity.  Collagen is lost, leading to skin creases or wrinkles.


Anti wrinkle treatments using botulinum toxin cause the facial muscles to relax.  This relaxation stops the folding of the skin above the muscle.  The reduced movement discourages the formation and appearance of lines and wrinkles in that area.  This treatment is ideal for anyone wanting to prevent lines and wrinkles as well as someone who wishes to treat lines that appear on animation.


Treatment using Botox takes around 20 minutes.  After 5-10 days the treatment reaches full effect.  Muscle relaxation lasts about three to four months.  The result is a smoother, relaxed appearance until the toxin metabolises.  I prefer to maintain some movement on animation with anti wrinkle treatments, this is much more discreet and subtle.


Following your treatment, you might consider repeating, to maintain the effects.


A consultation is required to assess your suitability for anti wrinkle treatment.  At your consultation I will guide you through your treatment options with the aim of a subtle, refreshed look.  Sometimes this involves a combination of treatments.


At my clinic I use botulinum toxin for a whole range of medical and cosmetic issues including frown, forehead lines, crows feet & bunny lines.  Anti wrinkle injections can also be effective for treating Gummy smile, down turned mouth, pebble chin, slimming the jaw line, neck lifting, treatment of excessive sweating and reducing headaches.

Anti wrinkle Frequently Asked Questions


On average anti wrinkle injections last around 3-4 months, but this can vary from person to person. How well you look after your skin can impact the longevity as well as your skin type and the severity of your wrinkles prior to treatment.

With regular treatment you may be able to increase the interval between treatments.  Frequent treatment can cause the muscles to become smaller over time.

Anti wrinkle treatment is largely pain-free. Most people only feel mild discomfort.  The needle used is very small, close to the width of a human hair. 


With an experienced injector like Dr Janice the procedure is very well tolerated.  However everyone will tolerate pain differently and numbing cream is available on request. 

Anti wrinkle treatment is botulinum toxin and the most well know brand is Botox.  This prescription medication used for anti-wrinkle injections as well as for treating a wide range of clinical conditions. 


As the brand is so well know you may hear anti-wrinkle injections in general being referred to as ‘Botox’ for short, but in reality there is no actual difference between the two terms. 


Other brands of Botulinum toxin such as Azzalure, Bocouture, Xeomin, Letybo etc, are comparable and the results will all be the same.

Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by a specific type of bacteria. Small does doses of botulinum toxin are used to reduce facial wrinkles.


When botulinum toxin is injected, it blocks certain nerve signals that make muscles contract. The muscles relax, reducing unwanted wrinkles. This effect lasts about 3–6 months. After that, the nerves regenerate by producing new nerve endings and the muscles move again and wrinkles come back.

Botulinum toxin injections have been used for many years in medicine. Since their introduction, four decades ago anti-wrinkle injection treatments have become a very popular to relax muscles, and achieve different cosmetic results.


Anti-wrinkle injections are safe when performed by a medical practitioner.  As botulinum toxin is a prescription only medication they require face to face assessment with a prescriber.  As Dr Janice is a Dentist this all happens as part of your consultation which is required prior to your treatment.

Most side effects following treatment with anti wrinkle are temporary. Side effects of treatment include redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. 


These effects typically resolve within a few hours to a few days. You can reduce the risk of side effects by choosing a reputable medical injector like Dr Janice.


In rare cases, Anti-Wrinkle treatment may cause complications such as drooping eyelids or uneven eyebrows.  However the risk is significantly reduced with an experienced injector like Dr Janice.

Advanced anti wrinkle injections refer to treatment areas beyond the usual ‘three areas’.  The usual three areas being the frown, forehead and crows feet.


Advanced anti wrinkle injections required expert level anatomical knowledge.  Areas of advanced treatment include down turned mouth, bunny lines, gummy smile, excessive sweating, pebble chin, neck botox, jaw slimming, TMD treatment and treating migraine.  These are all treatments Dr Janice performs on a regular basis.

Anti wrinkle treatment uses botulinum toxin to address wrinkles that form on movement.  Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid and they replenish volume lost during the aging process.


To find out more about Botox vs Fillers check out my post.

Following treatment it is important to keep the area clean.  It is best to refrain from touching the area and wearing make up. 


Exercise on the day of treatment is not advised.  Avoidance of sources of heat, such as saunas for a week is helpful to preserve the effect of the botulinum toxin.  Facials and exposure to UV or Laser treatments for 2 weeks is advisable.

Anti wrinkle treatment starts fro £200.  A Price List  is available

Absolutely!  In fact this is one of the fastest growing trends. For more information on Male treatments check out my post.

Anti wrinkle can be used to prevent wrinkles before they become established. To learn how this treatment can be used as wrinkle prevention read my post.



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