Debunking Myths Surrounding PDO Threads

Debunking Myths Surrounding PDO Threads

PDO threads in NI

What if you could achieve a rejuvenated, lifted appearance, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and eye bags, and sculpt your face all within the span of a short appointment? And what if this didn’t require emptying your bank account or taking extended time off? Enter PDO threads in NI which have revolutionised the world of non-invasive facial treatments.


It might sound like a fantasy, but it’s a reality. PDO threading offers an alternative to traditional facelifts, providing comparable results without the need for surgery or recovery time. Often dubbed the ‘non-surgical facelift’, PDO threading is celebrated for its capacity to elevate and firm the skin, mirroring the effects of a surgical facelift but without the invasive procedures.


However, with increased attention comes a surge in misconceptions. Many are unsure about the nature of PDO threads, their function, and their safety.


Part of the misunderstanding stems from the term “thread lift”, which might sound somewhat intimidating. Additionally, some might be conflating the modern, FDA-approved absorbable threads with older thread lift techniques that utilised permanent, non-dissolvable threads. These older methods had their share of issues, leading to their eventual discontinuation by the FDA.


In this blog, we aim to dispel the myths surrounding PDO threads and shed light on this unique treatment.


PDO Threads Explained


The acronym “PDO” represents polydioxanone, a naturally occurring protein that’s crafted into slender threads, bearing resemblance to the thickness of human hair. These PDO threads are essentially absorbable sutures, crafted from the identical material that’s used in making dissolvable surgical stitches.


A significant advantage of PDO threads is their biodegradability. Similar to dissolvable stitches used in surgeries, these threads are organically assimilated into the body a few months post their insertion, eliminating the need for a separate removal procedure. This makes the treatment a straightforward, single-step process.


Another notable aspect of PDO threads is their versatility. They are compatible with all skin tones and types. While they’re frequently sought after by individuals with mature skin, their benefits aren’t solely limited to addressing signs of significant ageing.


Time to Debunk Some Myths


Let’s start debunking some myths that surround the dermal threads treatment:


Myth #1: PDO Threads Leave You with a “Frozen” Appearance


A common misconception about anti-aging treatments is that they can leave one’s face appearing stiff or immobilised, particularly if there’s an overuse of fillers. However, this is not the reality with PDO threads.


Unlike some treatments, PDO threads are static, meaning they don’t interfere with the natural movement of facial muscles. They won’t hinder your expressions or make you appear artificial. So, whether you’re raising your eyebrows or flashing a smile, you won’t be left with an exaggerated look.


Opting for a PDO thread lift ensures a natural outcome. You’ll be left with a face and neck that appear refreshed, smooth, and without the “frozen” facade.


Myth #2: PDO Threads and Dermal Fillers have Identical Outcomes


It’s a common misconception that PDO threads and dermal fillers produce the same effects. While both treatments aim to rejuvenate and refresh the face, they operate differently and yield distinct results.


Dermal fillers primarily focus on replenishing volume in specific areas, offering a slight lift to sagging skin. However, they necessitate consistent maintenance, with many individuals revisiting their practitioners every 4-8 months for touch-ups.


On the other hand, PDO threads in NI are favoured by many due to their enduring benefits. They offer a comprehensive facial treatment, delivering a pronounced lift and skin tightening. Their effects can persist anywhere from 12 to 18 months.


If you’re inclined towards a single treatment and are weighing your options, the decision largely hinges on your unique skin needs. However, for those seeking a more sculpted facial appearance or addressing ageing signs, PDO threads generally emerge as the more favourable choice. They not only uplift and firm the entire face but also offer more sustained results compared to dermal fillers and other age-defying treatments.


Myth #3: PDO Threads Offer Only Short-Term Benefits


While it’s true that PDO threads dissolve around the 6-month mark, it’s a misconception to believe their effects dissipate simultaneously. In reality, the benefits of PDO threads can extend for up to 2 years post-treatment.


The longevity of the results is attributed to the threads’ ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two vital proteins for skin elasticity and firmness. Additionally, PDO threads can enhance skin hydration, leading to sustained tissue rejuvenation. Thus, even after the threads have dissolved, the rejuvenating effects on the skin continue, offering patients long-term aesthetic benefits.


Myth #4: PDO Threads Are Made of Thread


While the name might suggest otherwise, PDO threads aren’t your typical threads. Instead, think of them as strands crafted from sugar derivatives!


PDO threads are constructed from thermoplastic polyester, which originates from renewable sources such as corn starch and sugar cane. This material is not only eco-friendly but also one of the safest to be introduced into the human body. In fact, the same material is trusted for use in critical procedures like cardiac surgeries. Being re-absorbable and biocompatible, PDO threads seamlessly integrate with the body, ensuring safety and efficacy.


Myth #5: PDO Threads Are Intrusive and Cause Pain


The idea of having threads placed beneath the skin might sound daunting and painful, but in reality, the experience is much milder than many anticipate.


Before the procedure begins, a numbing agent is applied to ensure the patient’s comfort. Throughout the insertion of the threads, the sensation is often likened to minor pinches. When asked to rate the discomfort on a scale from 1 to 10, the majority of patients report not exceeding a level 5.


While it’s true that a PDO thread lift might be slightly more uncomfortable than other aesthetic treatments like Botox or dermal fillers, it’s essential to note that the procedure remains largely painless.


We can provide local anaesthetic which will be used to minimise any discomfort. The product is placed using a cannula which helps to keep swelling and bruising to a minimum.


The treatment can take between 30-45 minutes depending on what area is being treated.
Post-procedure, some tenderness and swelling might be present, but there’s no mandated downtime.


Intrigued by PDO Threads?


Dive deeper into the world of PDO threads in NI right here on my blog. I’ve curated a wealth of information that covers everything from the treatment process, potential side effects, to the essential pre and post-treatment guidelines. For a comprehensive understanding, click here.


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