Can a Gummy smile be fixed?

Can a Gummy smile be fixed?

Gummy smile treatment

Can a gummy smile be fixed?


They say a smile is a straight line that sets everything straight.  The smile is a common human expression that plays a huge part in non verbal communication. When there is excessive gum or gingival tissue, it can be distressing. Often patients claim they do not smile or behave in ways to conceal their smile. This is very saddening to be, and being able to help someone affects by a gummy smile is very rewarding.


Causes of Gummy smile


It is important to carefully assess patients with a gummy smile as to the cause. As a dentist I am well placed to assess this. Some of the causes are:


  • Tooth shape: There may be excessive wear causing the teeth to look short. Sometimes as teeth wear down they move to remain in contact, causing the gum tissues to elongate and look longer.

  • Excessive lip elevation: Upper lip muscles pull the lip in a superior direction on smiling, but sometimes this is excessive and unveils more gum tissue than is acceptable.

  • Gingival Hypertrophy: Excessive gum tissue can be due to excessive growth during tooth eruption. Sometimes it is caused by overgrowth caused by medication.


Treatments for gummy smile


Treatment will depend on the cause of the gummy smile. In cases of tooth shape it is more appropriate to visit a restorative dentist to have the tooth proportions improved.


Where the gum tissue is excessive it is best to be referred to a Periodontist and a consider crown lengthening procedure. This minor surgical procedure removes the excessive gum tissue. Where excessive gum is caused by medication, your periodontist will loose with your GP/Medical team to alter your prescription.


Excessive lip elevation can be treated with gummy smile botox. By strategically injecting botulinum toxin into the elevator muscles, they cannot contract and lift the lip as they did pre treatment. This gummy smile treatment takes around 10 minutes and lasts between 3-5 months. It is minimally invasive and a great option for a patient who is feeling self conscious about their smile.

Gummy Smile Treatment
Gummy smile after botox


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