What do dermal fillers feel like?

What do dermal fillers feel like?

What do dermal fillers feel like?


So you are keen to try dermal fillers but you are worried how do dermal fillers feel?  Will they feel strange in your face?  Will the area feel numb, or lumpy?


It’s totally understandable to worry about this. The truth is the area will feel different after your injections.


It will likely seem fuller than usual due to the presence of the filler. Initially there might be some post-treatment swelling. Some tenderness is also to be expected as injections cause their own small amount of trauma to the area.  


Dermal filler injections used to add volume – adding tiny pockets of fluid.  The feeling in your face or lips after you have dermal filler injections is fullness in an area that previously didn’t feel like that.  This is because a small pocket of fluid has been added under your dermal layer.


After a few weeks these initial sensations subside.  Most people quickly get used to the added volume and don’t pay much attention to it.  Lumps are relatively common following dermal filler injections.  They will often go away on their own as the filler integrates into the skin.  If the lumps do not dissipate after several weeks, which is uncommon, you may need a follow-up appointment.


When it comes to lip fillers, they can feel pretty normal when a soft flexible filler has been used.  You shouldn’t feel anything when you press your lips together and kissing should feel pretty normal.


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