How Effective is PRP for Thinning Hair?

How Effective is PRP for Thinning Hair?

PRP hair treatment in NI

By the time women reach 60, approximately 80% may encounter some degree of hair thinning or shedding. There are specific moments in a woman’s life when hair loss is more prevalent, such as during childbirth, perimenopause, and menopause. Various hormonal shifts, along with physiological and psychological changes, can impact the hair follicles, leading to hair thinning and loss.


The 2019 pandemic has only exacerbated this issue. Research has shown that nearly one-fourth of individuals with long-lasting Covid symptoms have suffered from hair loss, with women being more susceptible. The precise cause remains uncertain, but many specialists theorise that it’s not the virus itself but the emotional stress of battling the illness that triggers this condition.


Fortunately, solutions are available, and here at my clinic I offer PRP hair treatment in NI which has emerged as a highly effective option.


This therapy, known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), utilises your own blood to promote a lush, healthy, and radiant mane. PRP hair treatment in NI offers a personalised approach to hair restoration, providing hope and results for those struggling with hair-related concerns.


What is Platelet Rich Plasma, and How Does PRP Hair Treatment Work?


Our blood consists of two main components: red blood cells and plasma. Within the plasma, there are white blood cells and platelets that are abundant in growth factors. These growth factors act as communicators, signalling hair follicles to function and grow.


They have been utilised in the medical field for various purposes, including the treatment of arthritis and aiding in wound healing. For those experiencing hair thinning, the exciting revelation is that these growth factors can activate hair follicles, encouraging new hair development.


PRP hair treatment involves taking a sample of your blood and using a centrifuge to isolate the portion rich in platelets and growth factors. This concentrated solution is then injected into the scalp, where it stimulates the hair follicles and fosters new hair growth. A series of treatments is typically advised to achieve optimal outcomes.


PRP hair treatment in NI stands as a highly effective solution for hair loss, backed by substantial scientific evidence. It has been shown to enhance hair count, increase hair thickness, and extend the growth phase of the hair cycle, making it a promising option for those seeking to restore their hair’s natural vitality.


Who is an Ideal Candidate?


PRP hair treatment can be highly beneficial for individuals facing hair loss, particularly those in the early stages. It is most effective for those with androgenic alopecia, a genetically influenced type of hair thinning that often manifests at the top of the head. In women, this condition may present as an expansion of the natural parting line.


How Does PRP Hair Treatment in NI Work to Address Male Pattern Baldness?


PRP hair treatment for male pattern baldness is a personalised approach that begins with drawing the patient’s own blood. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge, where it is spun to separate the platelets and plasma.


The resulting plasma, rich in growth factors, is then carefully injected back into the patient’s hair follicles. These growth factors play a crucial role in promoting cell growth, aiding in wound healing, and stimulating collagen production, all of which contribute to hair regrowth.


The procedure is characterised by minimal discomfort and can typically be completed in about 10 minutes. Despite its effectiveness, it is a remarkably pain-free and straightforward treatment. Its safety is further enhanced by the fact that it utilises the patient’s own blood, minimising the risk of adverse reactions.


One of the standout features of PRP hair treatment is the virtually nonexistent downtime following the procedure. Patients can confidently resume their daily activities immediately, making it a convenient option for those seeking a natural and efficient solution to male pattern baldness.


What Outcomes Can I Anticipate?


For optimal outcomes, we generally recommend a series of three to four treatments, spaced one month apart, followed by maintenance treatments every six months, depending on individual response and results. Within two to three months of initiating treatment, you may begin to notice a reduction in hair shedding, followed by early regrowth and an increase in hair length.


PRP hair treatment in NI should ideally be integrated into a comprehensive treatment strategy that may include additional supportive measures. For instance, this could involve supplements like Minoxidil, Viviscal Professional to provide essential nutrients to the hair follicles or HydraFacial Keravive treatments to enhance scalp health.


Together, these approaches create a synergistic effect, maximising the benefits of PRP hair treatment in NI.


Discover the Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair


Are you tired of watching your hair become thinner day by day? Do you long for a solution that is both natural and effective? Look no further! Introducing PRP Hair Treatment, a cutting-edge therapy that harnesses the healing power of your own body to rejuvenate thinning hair.


Discover the transformative power of PRP Hair Treatment by booking a personalised consultation with me, a professional medical injector. During this one-on-one session, I will:


  • Assess your specific hair thinning concerns.


  • Explain the PRP procedure in detail.


  • Provide a tailored treatment plan to achieve your hair restoration goals.


Don’t let thinning hair hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a fuller, more confident you. Contact me today to book your consultation and embrace the benefits of PRP Hair Treatment in NI.



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