Who Is A Good Candidate For PDO Threads?

Who Is A Good Candidate For PDO Threads?

Pdo thread lift in Belfast

As your aesthetician in Belfast, I often discuss signs of ageing with clients. Facial changes typically occur first around the eyes, cheeks, neck, and jawline as skin loses elasticity over time. While surgery remains an option for some, I inform patients about an alternative treatment: PDO thread lift in Belfast.


This minimally invasive technique uses dissolvable threads to create subtle lifting along the face and neck. The threads work to reposition and add support to descending tissues. As they dissolve, they stimulate renewed collagen for longer lasting improvement. Along with tightening visible sagging, PDO threads soften wrinkles and folds.


I find PDO lifts appeal to those seeking moderate enhancement without extensive downtime or risks of a full facelift. While surgical options can seem intimidating or unrealistic for one’s lifestyle or budget, a thread lift presents a gentle, effective way to roll back the signs of facial ageing. My clients appreciate this in-between solution before considering more invasive measures.


During your PDO thread lift in Belfast treatment, I would determine your individual treatment plan, examining your areas of concern and goals. I would then walk you through what to expect during and after the procedure for optimal, safe results.


Who is an Ideal Candidate for PDO Thread Lift?


Good PDO thread lift in Belfast candidates share common qualities. This treatment works well for both women and men typically ages 35 and up. It’s for those seeking moderate improvements without surgery or extensive downtime.


Ideal clients present with mild to moderate lack of firmness affecting the cheeks, jowls, neck, brows or around the eyes. The subtle effects of PDO threading appeal to their lifestyle and rejuvenation goals over other options. Candidates need to maintain realistic expectations for the degree of enhancement possible.


During consultations, I assess patients’ skin laxity and areas of concern. We discuss their motivation for pursuing this particular treatment. If one expects dramatic lifting comparable to a full facelift, I would need to guide expectations differently. However, many new clients feel surprised by how refreshed and renewed threading makes them look and feel.


The procedure does stimulate natural collagen over following months. So some effects continue to improve with time. To determine if you’re ready to pursue this rejuvenating treatment, contact me today for a consultation.


Which Areas can be Treated with PDO Thread Lift?


PDO thread lifts present a versatile anti-aging solution. The thin dissolvable sutures strategically target laxity on both the face and body. Popular facial areas I treat include sagging cheeks, jowls, neck, and eyebrows. Threads along the nasal folds and lips can gently restore lost volume too.


When inserted by an experienced medical professional such as myself, results appear smooth and natural- not tight or distorted. For body treatments, many clients request help firming loose areas along the arms, knees or abdomen after weight changes. PDO threading offers gradual collagen rebuilding over time for longer lasting improvements than many other non-surgicals.


If you notice a loss of elasticity or volume giving way to wrinkles and sagging, contact me to schedule a private consultation. I’ll assess your unique needs and determine an optimal PDO thread lift in Belfast plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


What to Expect


Thread lifts offer a minimally-invasive way to lift and rejuvenate facial skin using threads inserted under the surface. This treatment can provide temporary tightening and definition along the cheek and jawline with minimal downtime. If you’re considering thread lifts for subtle rejuvenation, this overview covers the typical procedure experience, immediate results plus longer term benefits, and recovery insights to inform your treatment decision.


Prior To Treatment


Before the procedure, any cosmetics applied to the facial area will need to be removed using a mild cleanser. This cleansing prepares the skin for the treatment.


The Treatment Process


For the patient’s comfort, a local anaesthetic is provided to numb the area that will be treated. I will then utilise a thin tube-like instrument called a cannula to insert the product below the skin’s surface. Using the cannula helps minimise bruising or swelling. On average, the appointment ranges from 30-45 minutes based on the size of the area receiving treatment.


Immediate and Long Term Results


Shortly after the last injection, the effects are visible. While the initial product injected will get naturally absorbed by the body over approximately 6 months, stimulating your skin’s collagen can lead to lifting effects that remain for up to 2 years. Essentially, the treatment encourages collagen regeneration for more long-term impacts.


Recovery Time and Side Effects


Many patients experience very subtle side effects like temporary swelling, redness or bruising where the injections went in. These typically resolve in severity after about 48 hours post-treatment. Following the appointment, avoiding heat exposures, facials or massages for up to 2 weeks allows the injection sites time to fully heal.


Patients Unsuitable for Treatment


There are certain health conditions and medications that can interfere with or complicate the thread lift procedure and recovery. Being fully transparent about factors that could impact your safety and results is crucial for determining if thread lifts are indicated in your unique situation. In the interest of your wellbeing, those who meet the following criteria will need to reschedule their appointment:


  • Allergy to lidocaine or other numbing agents used during the injections
  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment
  • Presence of cold sores, rashes, acne breakouts or other active skin conditions
  • Pregnancy or actively breastfeeding
  • Use of blood thinning medications (e.g. Coumadin)
  • Inability to accept potential bruising risks in the week following treatment
  • Fighting a cold, flu or other temporary illness


The Takeaway on Thread Lifts


Absorbable thread lift procedures have demonstrated effective skin rejuvenation with minimal risk factors. By inserting dissolvable sutures under the surface to provide support, temporary tightening and lifting of the delicate facial structures is possible. Benefits like improvement of sagging brows, cheeks, jawline and neck areas have compelling before and after evidence. Wrinkles are smoothed and skin looks renewed overall.


Though not every patient requires the same approach or achieves identical results, the PDO thread lift in Belfast technique continues to advance as a viable anti-aging treatment for those seeking non-surgical solutions.


As your aesthetic provider, it’s my personal mission to restore your most vibrant, confident appearance. Every face ages beautifully in its own way. If you see sagging skin or wrinkles emerging and want to discuss whether thread lifts could rejuvenate your unique anatomy, I’m here to listen.


No question is too big or small when it comes to exploring your options. Through a custom consultation and evaluation, we’ll decide together if stimulating new collagen with dissolvable sutures makes sense for your facial rejuvenation journey.


My goal is always open communication and realistic solutions tailored to you. When you feel ready, let’s have an honest conversation about achieving your aesthetic goals.



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