Chemical Face Peel

Chemical Face Peel

Chemical face peel

Chemical face peels – for everyone



I often get asked about chemical face peels in my Hillsborough Clinic.  Often people are scared of them, but really here is no need.  The technology is now very sophisticated.


When facial peels are carried out by a professional they are a great low risk treatment that promotes new cell growth and collagen production which gives you a beautiful glow when your peel is done!


Peels are incredible for so many skin concerns.  Lines and wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, acne, pigmentation and scarring.


BioRePeelCl3 used in my clinic is an innovative, biphasic, patented medical device with a bio stimulating, revitalising and peeling action containing Trichloroacetic Acid 35% (TCA).  BioRePeelCl3 is manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards to guarantee the highest quality.


Thanks to its exfoliating action, it promotes cell turnover by removing the outer cell layer selectively.  The active ingredients’ stimulate skin replication and biosynthetic processes, to counter the effects of skin aging and oxidative damage induced by UV radiation and pollution.


Treatments may be as often as every 7-12 days for 4-6 sessions depending on evaluation and treatment goals.


Before and after a Chemical peel it is important to avoid the sun.  Good skincare maximises your results, but don’t worry that is something I can help with.  I recommend skincare from the AlumierMD range, the luxury medical brand.


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