Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers

1 ml cheek filler before and after

Cheek fillers for a sculpted, slimmer face!



This is a gorgeous example of how cheek fillers can give contour to the face and make you look slimmer.  This gorgeous lady came to me asking for jaw line filler, but after careful assessment she was offered cheek fillers, much to her surprise.



This is her 1 ml cheek filler before and after



The aging process causes change in all layers of the face.  In most cases, and in this example, loss of fat volume in deep fat pads had started to make the face look more flat and round.  Dermal filler in your cheeks can replace this lost volume and encourage a gentle lifting effect.  As a result her face is more contoured and slimmer.


So if you’re afraid of filler in your cheeks there is no need.  When done well and without excessive amounts of filler, it can look amazing.


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