Don’t want anyone to know?

Don’t want anyone to know?

Discreet Skin Clinic

Discreet skin clinic located in Hillsborough Co.Down.


Well that’s okay, no one needs to know.  It’s completely your business if you have aesthetic treatment or not.  My Clinic is in a discreet location with parking, and a strict one in one out policy.  


Want to keep your aesthetic treatment a secret, I’ve got your back.


It’s always been my motto, “the best injectable is undetectable”.  People should just look at you and think “wow, you’re really well rested and I want to know what you’ve done”.  Whether you choose to tell them or not it’s completely up to you.  By respecting natural anatomy and not over treating, I can achieve ‘fresh not frozen’ when it comes to botox and avoid the ‘pillow face’ when it comes to dermal filler.  Sometimes I recommend PDO threads over dermal filler for this very reason.  But treatment is bespoke to you, so why not book a consultation to discuss your options.


Location of my discreet skin clinic


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