PRP after hair transplant

PRP after hair transplant

PRP for hair loss

PRP after hair transplant surgery


So you are probably familiar with the “vampire facial” or that I use Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for facial rejuvenation.  What you probably haven’t heard of is that this same treatment can be used to improve your outcome following a hair transplant


I have been using this technique for almost 5 years.  PRP for hair loss was the title of my MSc dissertation, so I could talk all day about this, but I won’t!


Essentially PRP after hair transplant surgery is a completely natural treatment using our own blood cells.  Growth factors within the blood are the chemical messengers, signaling skin cells to function.  These growth factors help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.  It works along side other hair loss treatments like Finasteride, Minoxidil, and supplements.


Numerous studies have shown PRP after hair transplant surgery to be effective; increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the extending growth phase of the hair cycle.


Three treatments are required initially after your transplant, you may have received one with your transplant surgery.  Following this it is best to maintain with a treatment every six months.


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