The truth about Aesthetics blown open!

The truth about Aesthetics blown open!

Medical professional for aesthetics


Medical injector – Why is it so important to see one ?


So you may have thought for a long time about having a tweak.  Maybe you have seen someone local to you advertising as “insured” and “qualified”. Well the truth is this statement is totally meaningless! There is no qualification to practice aesthetics, it is not a recognised medical speciality, but medical professionals are best placed to practice.  That is why you should look for a Medical injector.


Not many know this, but the UK is one of a few countries where treatments like Botox, lip filler and PDO threads can be carried out by ANYONE.  Literally ANYONE.


I’ve know of personal trainers and beauticians to train as injectors over a weekend.  Set up an instagram as “advanced aesthetic practitioner” and off they go!  Somehow they have managed to convince themselves they have crammed into a few days, all the anatomy, physiology, pharmacology etc. us medics have learned in 5-6 years at medical school.  Now that is a skill!


The availability of fillers and anti wrinkle injections has fuelled the misconception that non-surgical aesthetic treatments are akin to getting your nails or lashes done.  Rather than the reality, which is that these are medical treatments.


Medical professionals are best placed to deliver aesthetics.  They are held to a different set of standards to non medical injectors.  They are regulated by their professional body, have to show they train continuously, are audited, and must toe the line when it comes to their professional standards or risk being “struck off”.  If you have an issue, medical injectors are better prepared to help you and refer through their professional network.


So if you are considering an aesthetic treatment, for goodness sake pick a medically qualified practitioner.


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