‘Brotox’: Why more men are going under the needle?

‘Brotox’: Why more men are going under the needle?

Botox for men

‘Brotox’ – Botox for men


I have noticed a trend, it’s that I’m seeing more and more male treatments getting booked.  Treatments like Brotox‘ aka Botox for men.  Men deserve to look and feel their best.  What’s good for the goose and all that!


Brotox, a play on the name for Botulinum toxin is the most requested cosmetic procedures for men at my clinic, followed closely by Platelet rich plasma for hair loss.


Men are more aware of their appearance and signs of aging now than in the past, and are seeking out male treatments.   I think this is down to virtual working and being on screen more.  Men have always been interested in health and wellness trends like strength training and bodybuilding, and aesthetic treatments are just another way to achieve your best self.


Male Botox


Male treatments require a different approach to the treatment of women, this is especially true of male Botox.  My advice is ‘lose the lines that make you cross and to keep the lines that make you happy’.  I am mindful the male brow should be  carefully assessed to prevent pulling of the eyebrow that is feminising.


So ladies don’t just keep all the good stuff for yourselves, share treatments like Botox for men.


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