Can Feminists have dermal filler?

Can Feminists have dermal filler?

Can feminists have filler

Can Feminists have dermal fillers?


I’ve always considered myself to be someone who strives for equality, so for that I believe myself to be a feminist.  Aesthetics and feminist beliefs are a complex topic.  Recently a patient who came for dermal fillers challenged me to think about this.


The lady approached me for an aesthetic treatment but had an internal wrestling with her own values.  She felt strongly that appearance shouldn’t matter on one hand, but on the other it did matter to her.


We had a good chat about aesthetic treatments and how I think they are not about striving to fit a beauty ideal, but more about improving her confidence.  With that in mind she felt empowered to have control over the feature that bothered her, had her dermal filler and was delighted with her treatment result!


Feminism should empower us to feel comfortable doing what makes us happy – and not face questions for that. That really is equality.


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