Dermal fillers make you look fake…the uncomfortable truth!

Dermal fillers make you look fake…the uncomfortable truth!


Natural look dermal filler


You can probably think of someone you have seen who had had a few treatments, looked great and then after a while started to look a bit weird.  Maybe you’re worried that will happen to you?  Well I completely get that.  It’s a perfectly rational fear.  What you have probably noticed is a case of “perception drift”.  When someone constantly undergoes procedures and their perception of change after a procedure is skewed.  What you’re after is natural look dermal filler!


This is not something I see a lot in my clinic and with good reason.  My background in dentistry is something that shines through in my aesthetics.  My training is heavily based on the ideal facial profile and respecting anatomy.  It’s engrained in my soul, to go against that feels so wrong.  


So fear not if you start to drift, I’ll guide you gently back on track.


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