Scared of lip filler?

Scared of lip filler?

Scared of lip filler


Have you ever thought “what would it be like to have lip filler, but were scared it might look over done?”  Well I’m going to show you that lip filler is nothing to be afraid of…



Here is a photograph of my beautiful patient who felt her lips were a little bit sad, and just don’t reflect how she feels.  She noticed her lipstick bleeds into all the little lines and she is never quite sure where to put her lip liner.  So after an in-depth consultation about her concerns, I suggested some lip filler.



As is often the case, the thoughts running through her head were “oh my, she just said LIP FILLER”.  And I totally get that, I hear this ALOT.  But after some explanation of the procedure, and the type of result she could expect, she was excited to transform her sad lips.


My aim here is to restore her lips back to how they used to look.  This is quite different to a lip enhancement that you may have seen and thought it’s just not for you.



And this is her lips afterwards, beautifully restored and perfectly natural looking.  I’m sure you can agree she no longer looks sad. Her confidence is soaring and I couldn’t be more happy for her.  She got exactly what she wanted a natural result, and is loving wearing lipstick again!



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